Solarwinds Point of View

Surviving the SolarWind~storm

This attack has been referred to by some cybersecurity teams as the “hack of the century” and the SolarWinds breach itself is sending shockwaves through US Government agencies all the way up to Capitol Hill and out beyond the 452 of Fortune 500 companies that were impacted. The attackers—a state funded organization called APT29-- delivered malware through the SolarWinds Remote Management System to thousands of targets.

This whitepaper provides guidance on how your organization can reduce your risk of impact:
• What is “Sunburst”?
• Why does it matter?
• What is your threat appetite?
• How is your basic Cybersecurity hygiene?
• What can every organization do NOW?

Guidacent has also produced a video and podcast related to SolarWinds. Check them out here .